We work directly with our network of foundries to get you high-quality castings at a low cost. Our casting are broken down into two primary methods of manufacturing:

  • Shell mold casting
  • Sand casting

We ensure a higher frequency of test bar pours at the end of each heat, qualify foundries based on best practices, and have regular audits to ensure quality.

Material: EN-GJL-200 to EN-GJL-350 for grey iron

EN-GJS 400-18, 450-10, 500-7, 600-3, and 700-2 (and their ASTM equivalents.)

Weight ranges :

  • 50 gm – 5 kg for shell mold
  • 500 gm – 150 kg for sand machine mold
  • 150 kg – 1000 kg for sand manual mold

Value-added operations: Heat treatment, painting, and plating (up to 200 hours salt spray), proof machining, and finish machining.

Quality control & equipment: Spark electrode for chemistry, BHN hardness tester, micro structure analysis, tensile test, and Charpy/Izod impact test.